Talk AEW Podcast #54: The Best AEW Promos, and the Fall of Cody Rhodes

AEW Podcast: What Are the Best Promos?

American Thanksgiving and professional wrestling and have gone hand-in-hand for decades and this week All Elite Wrestling celebrated the holiday with an amazing episode of Dynamite that started with MJF and CM Punk battling on the mic for just over 22 minutes and ended with a fantastic eight-man tag team main event fueled by three intensely personal rivalries! It was wild; it was crazy; and so, this week on Talk AEW, we decided to look back at the very best promos ever cut on AEW.

Also on the card, we discuss Daniel Garcia’s ceiling and why Chris Jericho is wrong about him having a square head. We also offer Dr. Britt Baker some relationship advice and debate what Tony Khan should do with the overcrowded commentary booth on Dynamite and Rampage. In addition, we try our best to narrow down the exact moment the AEW fanbase turned on Cody Rhodes and explain how Cody can fix the situation moving forward. All this and more!

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