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AEW TNT Championship
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Is The TNT Championship AEW’s Best Title?

A big call it may be, but let’s entertain the notion. The TNT Championship may very well be AEW’s best title. Not necessarily in terms of prestige, design, or lineage, but something else.

Bear in mind that this claim takes into account every AEW belt. The AEW Championship is the realm of the big-match machine. Names like Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho, and Kenny Omega aren’t to be taken lightly. The tag straps regularly garner ‘Match of the Year’ claims, and there’s also the Women’s Championship too -though that one is just getting going after all this time. So, to back up this statement, let’s break it down.

Darby Allin
Image: AEW

The History Of The TNT Championship

The TNT title is AEW’s most recently established belt -not counting the FTW Title. Cody had the first reign and it was pretty good. He established an ‘open-challenge’ reminiscent of John Cena’s US Title reign in WWE, though Cody’s version extended beyond the realms of AEW. From it, we got the debut of Ricky Starks and Eddie Kingstone, and there was the one-off appearance of Warhorse. Good stuff.

Cody lost the strap in stunning fashion to the late, great Brodie Lee. While Brodie’s reign didn’t give us much in-ring, the initial shock-win was memorable and it now means Brodie Lee’s name will be forever etched into AEW history. 

Cody won the title back quickly, feuded exclusively with Orange Cassidy for a couple of weeks then lost it to Darby Allin. This part of the TNT Championship’s history could be considered the only negative blip. 

After that, it was Darby Allin’s time. I’ve already covered why that particular reign was the best of any in AEW so far. So check that out here

Today, it’s Miro’s turn. As it stands we’re in for a stellar run. The promos and matches have all been top-drawer. If we can continue at this rate then Darby Allin may have some competition for the best reign.

Image: AEW

The Future Of The TNT Championship

As has just been mentioned, the belt is on the boulder-like shoulders of Miro. The run could so far be described as just a series of squash matches, but that would be a disservice. The recent match against Eddie Kinstone was excellent, the mini-feud with Fuego Del Sol has been fun, and the other Miro defenses have all had their own mini-storyline built-in. The booking has been solid. It doesn’t feel like Miro will lose the belt any time soon, nor should he. Miro feels like the most legitimate champion AEW has. The only one who looks unbeatable. When it does eventually happen it should be a big moment.

Even though AEW doesn’t consider the TNT Championship a mid-card title, it is. It’s just that AEW doesn’t have a mid-card -more on that here. Considering all the new, big-name arrivals as of late, the TNT strap could be an ideal belt for AEW’s originals. Give it to Pac, or Jungle Boy, or Pac, or Trent, or Pac, Sammy Guevara, or Pac. Pac. Actually establish a mid-card, because building a mid-card is building a future. 

Brodie Lee
Image: AEW

So What Makes It So Good?

AEW does variety very well. It’s arguably what they do best. There has debatably not been a championship with more variety than the TNT belt. 

The AEW Championship has been defended too few and far between. Also, the matches themselves are usually good, but often forgettable. Moxley was likely the best with it. The Women’s division has had a tumultuous time in the past few years. After weak booking, for the longest time, it’s only now coming into its own. Finally, the Tag-Team Championship, which is likely most people’s favourites. SCU had an underwhelming inaugural run, FTR’s was forgettable and short, The Young Bucks have been unbearable for the longest time, and, even though they were brilliant, during the reign of Page & Omega, the title felt secondary in that storyline. Yes, the tag division has likely had the better matches on average and the best may be yet to come under The Lucha Bros, but still.

The TNT Championship is the most featured title, having the most defenses on average. Every holder has been vastly different from the previous so every reign has been memorable in their own way. Darby’s time with the gold has been the best of any reign with any belt so far. Also, the matches themselves have been the most varied in wrestling style and length. The belt is very pretty too. Not that that matters. You know how everyone considers the Intercontinental Championship to be WWE’s best title? Well, now it may be the case with AEW too. Secondary titles are number one! 

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